Packing List

To Pack:

  • Comfortable walking shoes for outdoor activities and hikes
  • Clothing to wear outside the resort.
  • Underwear & Undergarments (bras, underwear, socks)
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • A hat or sunglasses to protect from the sun
  • Personal medical devices, such as insulin pumps or inhalers
  • Any necessary prescription medications
  • Lightweight rain jacket or poncho in case of rain
  • Swimwear for the Onsen
  • Personal Toiletries

What Not to Pack:

  • Clothing to wear in the resort (provided by Penlago)
  • Athletic Wear (HIIT exercises are not done in Penlago, linens for activity will be provided)
  • Food and snacks (unless medically needed)
  • Towels and sheets (provided by Penlago)
  • Refillable water bottle (provided by Penlago)
  • Perfumes or strong-scented products that may disrupt other guests' experience
  • Valuable items or jewelry that may be lost or stolen during outdoor activities

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